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Yajooj Majooj Urdu pdf book free download

Download pdf Islamic book "Yajooj Majooj" in Urdu language for free.  "Yajooj Majooj" means Gog Magog. The book  "Yajooj Majooj" is written by Mufti Mohammad Faiz Ahmad Awaisi in the light of Qur'aan and Hadith.

Muslims also believe in Gog Magog as Gog Magog are also mentioned in the Holy Qur'aan and there are many Hadith as well.

Gog Magog is one of the biggest signs of the final day (Judgment day) and they will be emerged before the Judgment day (Near of Judgment day) in the era when Jesus (Hazrat Eisa A.S) will already be descended to earth.

Gog Magog is a kind of creature of Allah and a devil and test for the mankind (Muslims).

Gog Magog are confined with the help of a great wall made by Zul Qarnain (Dhul Qarnain).

Sample Pages of the book "Yajooj Majooj" 

Yajooj Majooj Urdu Pdf Book
Gog Magog In Urdu Language

Size: 3.22 MB
Pages: 17

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